LIMITED Fearless Flowers Book 1st Edition SIGNED

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LIMITED Fearless Flowers Book 1st Edition SIGNED
£46.00 - £62.00

In the past years, South Korea has gained significant global exposure, and its fast‑paced technological development has drawn a lot of attention from everyone around the world.
The "Fearless Flowers" series explores gender, sexuality, gaze, and identity in South Korea. The project, photographed over two years with 23 different participants, studies one's relationship with their own body and inner struggle with the image pressured by a conservative society, where certain beliefs and outdated standards are forces on the rapidly changing nation.
Adorned with flowers, the human body represents universal innocence, timelessness, and purity. The subject, who may convey toughness in other settings, is presently shown with vulnerability and humanity when photographed in a controlled studio environment. When ornamented with flowers, the black garment, which represents the society uniform, is a metaphor for the fight and struggle of each subject and beyond.
The series is an attempt to capture open-mindedness: acceptance of your body and sexuality, as well as welcoming the self-created modern image of who Korean people aspire to truly be. It is creativity’s role to rebel its spirit against society’s preconceived ideas and question their relevance.
As an outsider, I’ve had the privilege to be introduced inside this personal expression of liberation, looking for meaning, looking at the beauty and identity, all while capturing the landscape of self-invented people: a true walking work of art.

be you.
be provocative.
be loud.
be present.
be patient.
be free.
be chaotic.
be passionate.
be purposeful.
be picky.
be not for everyone.

149 pages, 240 x 255 mm
Designed by Gute Form
Book available on its own or with a A4 print from the book.

Read more about the project and book here:

LIMITED Fearless Flowers Book 1st Edition SIGNED